How is the "Annual product this year to date" figure shown on the duty page produced?

The “Annual product this year to date” from the duty page is the total volume that you have racked/packaged from batches for which you are liable for the duty. You’re liable for the duty on:

  • All in-house brewed batches that are brewed for yourself.
  • All in-house brewed batches that are contract-brewed for someone else under your license.
  • Any batches that have been contract-brewed for you where you’ve chosen that you pay the duty (all the “We pay…” options in the screenshot below).

Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 10.28.46

This setting can be found on the contract brewer entity itself and each time you start a contract-brewed batch, the option chosen for the contract brewer at the time is taken and stored against that batch, so that you can change this option in the future without affecting previous batches.

What about merged batches?

If a batch is merged into another (giving you a “Merged out” volume as in the below screenshot), this volume is moved into another batch and has no direct impact on your production volume for duty purposes. This volume will, however, have increased the volume on another batch (the one that received it), which can then be racked/packaged from and so may subsequently contribute to the total production volume for duty purposes.

Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 10.43.13