How do I see a weekly sales report?

Depending on exactly what is meant by weekly, there are a couple of useful reports to use here. Go to Reporting > Aggregate data report builder > Sales (orders/invoices). Here, you can set the ‘Date grouping’ to ‘Week’, to view a graph of weekly sales in a time period, e.g. the last 12 months. You can see the total order value per week by hovering over the points on the graph.

If you would like to see a table of sales from the last 7 days, or since the last Monday for example, you can do this using the Sales report in the Raw data explorer tool. Go to Reporting > Raw data explorer > Sales (orders/invoices). Here, you can select which fields you require, e.g. value (Ex. VAT) and total (Inc. VAT), and apply a filter on the date. Click the ‘Add filter’ button, then pick the date you want to filter by, e.g. ‘Issue date’. Then type in ‘7 days ago’, or ‘Monday’, click OK, then fill out the next step as you wish.

You can save reports so that you only have to do the above steps once. Saving reports works best with relative dates (like 2 weeks ago), rather than specific dates (like 01/09/2021), otherwise you’d need to keep updating the date each time you load the saved report.