How do I remove a duplicate order when it has been marked as paid already?

The best option here is to cancel the order, but the problem with this is that you cannot cancel a paid order in Breww. This restriction is in place to ensure that payments never get lost.

To resolve this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Remove all the product lines from the order, so the order value is £0.
  2. This will then give you a warning box by the payments section stating that the order is overpaid. You can click a button here to return this amount to the customer’s account balance.
  3. From the Order menu at the top, you’ll now be able to pick the Cancel order option.
  4. Assuming the payment was actually only made once too and was entered into Breww twice by mistake, you can now go to the customer and choose the Sales order & credit notes tab. From here, you can see the payment sitting on their account and click the refund button (arrow in a circle). The customer’s account balance should now return to the correct amount. If they had in fact paid twice, you can just skip this step, to leave the payment on their account towards a future order.