How can I change an order after it has been dispatched?

Once an order has been “invoiced” in Breww it cannot be modified. This is to ensure that “history is never rewritten” and your reports always stay accurate. At times this might feel like a pain, but there’s always another way to achieve what you’re looking to do and in time you’ll appreciate these restrictions for the confidence it gives you in your reports (and in an inspection, the VAT man will thank you too!).

Orders can be manually invoiced, or you can let Breww do this for you at the point of dispatch. Because of the restrictions that come in effect at the point an order is invoiced, we highly recommend not manually invoicing orders (although you can) and letting Breww handle this for you as part of the delivery process.

If the delivery has already been dispatched, you can return items using the Return items button on the delivery screen. When you return items, we keep a specific note that they’re duty paid and when you sell them again you won’t be charged duty a second time. Likewise, if you spoil them in future, we’ll make an automatic reclaim on your duty return.

If needed, you can raise a credit note in SalesCredit notes for some or all of the original value.