How are people linking their Eebriar sales to Breww?

Just looking to see if anyone has a tried and tested way that they input their Eebria trade sales into Breww to manage stock and run accurate reports?



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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the question here.
Having spoken to other breweries in the past about this, the current solution we suggest is to create a single customer called EeBria, then manually load sales onto that customer.
We have spoken to EeBria in past about a dedicated integration, but it’s currently stalled as they don’t have an API (something to allow other software to access their data automatically, needed for a proper integration). If you (and anyone else) want to get in touch and request an integration with Breww, that may help them prioritise it.


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We do what Matt has suggested above. I approached eebria but they don’t seem too bothered about integration. Their whole backend system is awful.

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We have each eebria customer set up as an individual customer so we can track what they buy and store contact details when we want to get in touch. Then set up Eebria as a customer group with Eebria Price List. We then ensure all customers are under that customer group. We then manually add the PO number to the order, all invoices then go through to our accounting system as Eebria with the Purchase order so we can reconcile against the payment. A bit of work but worth it when we want to track and analyise sales to Eebria plus enables us to contact the group list with offers etc.


We get their invoices too - a nightmare to decipher and execute. In our case, the invoice is raised when the order is despatched - the Eebria self-billing invoice arrives later and can only be “sorted” in the accounting module.

Are you allowed to do that? I thought part of the terms were that we couldn’t contact the customer directly outside the eebria model? Be great if that’s changed.

I have also just asked them to do this. Poked their buttons a bit by saying that Sellar do it so they should be able to!

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Just got this reply from eebria so that’s promising

Hey Justin,

As luck would have it we hired someone earlier this year to work on API’s and are actually coding this right now as the first to go live, ETA is the end of the month if all goes smoothly.

I’ll be doing mailshot to all brewers when it’s good to go so keep your eyes peeled!

Excellent news! Thanks for sharing this, Justin. Once they’ve finished building the relevant API, we’ll be able to put a timeframe on doing the required bits on our side.

Hi guys, has anyone had an update from Eebria on their API yet?

This would be incredibly useful!

Eebria’s API was released last month, we’re hoping to be able to get started on it our side soon!


Great news, everyone! The EeBria integration is now live :+1:


Hi Luke,

Love the integration so far, Eebria seems to import and control stocks just as planned.

One thing, would we be able to get a change to this and have Eebrias purchase order number on the export to sage? It comes through on the Breww invoice but not when its exported into sage.


Hi Sean, great to hear it’s been working well for you so far.

Thanks for the brilliant suggestion, we’ve made a small update now to push this through to Sage in the “reference” field. This will only apply to orders uploaded to Sage from now on.

I hope this helps, but let us know if you need anything else :+1:

Hi folks

Has anyone else experienced a delay in getting their API log in from Eebria to get this set up? We requested ours two weeks ago and have chased but still no luck.

Cheers, Gemma.

Yep, we’re still waiting. Similar timescale.

I emailed producers@ and got an email back with a link to set up API log in within hours. This was last week.

Thanks guys, two weeks, three emails and one phonecall later we finally got it set up yesterday! Cheers.

Hi all - sorry to hear about the delays some of you have had in getting your API log-ins from Eebria. @jon-kyme, we’ll get in touch with them for you today and see if there’s anything we can do to help you out here!