Hiding Pricing to a Mult Group outlet on TradeStore

hi there, I cant seem to work out how to hide trade store pricing from mult customers. Sure its very simple but rather that keep looking, can anyone help?

Hi there & thanks for your message.

This can be handled in Breww by building out a new Trade Store ‘rule’ and choosing which customer to apply it to.

Firstly, new rules can be created in Settings > Trade Store Settings > Customer-based rules > Add Rule. When adding this rule, you can specify whether you’d like to hide pricing:

Then, once this rule has been saved, you can apply it to a customer by navigating to Customers > Select Customer > Breww Trade Store (tab) > Update Customer Trade Store Rules.

Having this set up will then prevent a customer with the rule attached from seeing any product pricing.

I hope that’s useful!



Thanks James, are you able to go to choose ‘trade store rules’ by ‘customer group’? Each group may have specific rules and you can set at that level rather than by outlet?



Is there also a way to pick to exclude multiple products or container types for specific groups easily other than going through each product, adding it then choosing another. It is a time consuming task when certain specific groups only give access to few products?

Hi Richard,

Yes, Trade Store rules can be assigned to Customer Types in addition to individual customers. Simply navigate to Customers > Settings > Customer Types and select edit against the Customer Type you wish to edit - from here, you can assign rules.

In response to your other point, products cannot currently be bulk-excluded but I will add your request to our development list and share progress with you here.



James, can you add to the development list to enable this feature by customer group aswell as customer type. We deal with pub mults and they all need their own set of rules. Thank you

We found a spot to add these changes in for you yesterday. They’ve completed testing this morning and should both now be ready for use.

You can now apply a trade store rule to a customer group. To determine which trade store rules to use for a customer, we’ll follow this process:

  1. Check if the Customer has one assigned directly.
  2. If not, check if the customer is part of a Customer Group and that Customer Group has a rule assigned.
  3. If not, check if the customer’s Customer Type has a rule assigned.

We have also added the ability to select multiple products from the drop-down when adding products to exclude from sale to a customer group, which should save a lot of time opening the form, selecting one, closing the form again, and repeating… There’s also a “select all” button to allow you to easily tick them all and then untick just a handful, if that’s the easier way to get to the list you need.

We hope this helps. Cheers!