Go back to same position in customer list having placed an order or made other changes on the customer

Does anyone else find this irritating?
when I look through customers on a list - if I click on a customer, look at notes then go back, I am at the same part of the same list, great!
If I click on a customer, and then do anything like place an order, update a task, edit details etc. when I then go back the list has gone!!! its back to all customers, I then have to refresh the whole page, re-enter my list choice - generally a delivery area and then scroll down to where I was.
So this can take an absolute age to go through any customer list to perform any tasks, is very repetitive and frustrating.
Can we please have a ‘back to list’ button (similar to ‘next on list’) for all customer lists???
Thanks, Ian

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Thanks for the suggestion, Ian.

I’d recommend you vote for your own request, as votes are a very important part of our prioritisation process. You can read more on how votes work here.

In the meantime, I’d suggest opening each customer in a new tab. This way, you can do whatever you need to on the customer and then close that tab to go back to the original tab with the list in it and it’s guaranteed to be at exactly the right spot without us having to build new complex features to keep track of where in a list you were before you clicked through to other parts of Breww.

Depending on which web browser and operating system you’re using, you can typically hold the Ctrl key when clicking on the customer (on Windows), or the Command key on a Mac. This should make it very easy/quick to open the customer in a new tab.

I hope this is useful.