Generate cost price before actually creating the product


I have a seemingly small thing that I run in quite a lot. In order to decide on the pricing of my products I need the cost price, but for breww to generate this I first have to make the product. hence I always make a product for a placeholder price - generate the predictive pricelist, run it through my calculators and go back into the product to change the price.

This always feels paradoxical as Breww (logically) assumes I have a price for a product when I create it - but I don’t because I don’t know what it should cost. Also with all the little things you need to do when setting up a sales communication it happened to me a couple of times that I forgot the last part, leading to hiccups later on.

I am not sure how exactly this would work, but it would be great to know the price in advance and do product creation in a one click way. Maybe by showing the pred. cost price somewhere in the creation process?

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