Force Upload (sync messages) takes you back to page 1, not the page you were on

This is really annoying, as you then have to click back to the page you were on - which could be 250 clicks…

Please make it auto return to the page you were last on!

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the request. I can see why it would be time-consuming to be taken back to page one after clicking to upload an invoice, if you’re clicking this on lots of invoices.

Can I ask why you’re needing to click this button on lots of invoices? In the normal operation of Breww, you shouldn’t need to use this button ever. There might be occasions where you wish to force an invoice through quickly after resolving the sync message, such as to check you’ve fixed the issue (which is why the button exists), but I’m not sure why you’d ever need to click this on lots of invoices.

If you resolve the cause of a sync message Breww will automatically sync the invoice for you again after a short while, you don’t need to click the button to force an upload.

So I think the issue is where we sometimes have a batch that goes partly into cask/keg, and partly into small pack - as we sent away for small pack, it means we can’t upload a final stock to Xero with a finalised price until we receive the small pack back from off site canning/bottling - however some of the cask/keg may already be sold by the sales team.
This means Xero shows as out of stock, so it produces a sync message.
I think occasionally this crosses over month to month, so our accounts team ‘lock’ the month.
It means we seem to have a lot of old invoices that are stuck in a limbo.
I’ll forward this to our accounts team to unlock any outstanding.

Thanks for the explanation. I think I understand what you’re meaning, but the force upload button still shouldn’t be needed. Next time this happens, can you please resolve the hold up with the invoice that’s mentioned in the sync message, and then wait an hour. If the invoices haven’t been uploaded by then, please let us know and we’ll be able to look at the specific examples to determine why. Cheers.