Final Gravity Target

When logging the progress of a fermentation, I feel it would be helpful to have the Final Gravity Target shown somewhere on the screen. Once the Original Gravity and ABV are known it’s a simple calculation. Not all the people logging gravities and chilling brews over the weekend are brewers so it’s good to make it easy for them to know when to hit that chill button.

Hi Dom,

This is a great idea, thanks for posting it in the Community!

Like you say, it should just be a simple calculation. We’ll look to get this added into Breww soon for you and will let you know when it’s there.


Luke :beers:

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Hi Dom,

We’ve managed to get this completed in a gap this afternoon, so you’ll start to see this on batches of beer now.

It will only show once you’ve set the original gravity (so we have something to calculate from) and will use the ABV from the beer in conjunction with HMRC’s approved calculation as per 30.3 here.

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 5.17.03 pm

If you have marked a reading as the final gravity, we’ll show that in addition for comparison (in this case the beer overshot the target of 5.2%):

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 5.18.39 pm

Thanks again for the great suggestion, I hope that this makes things easier!

Hi Luke
Thanks for that. One slight wrinkle - could you please make it so that a custom ABV feeds through to the FG target? This is helpful when there are several Recipes with different ABVs under one Beer.

Hi Dom,

Yes, good idea! We’ve added that in now for you.

If the batch has a different ABV set to the beer’s ABV, we’ll show both targets to avoid confusion as to what lead to the target FG.

You should start seeing this on batches from now on. I hope that helps.



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In a similar vein to this, would it be possible to record target specs on a beer’s page alongside the ABV. It would be useful for production but likewise for sales/marketing etc. Specs such as:

  • OG
  • FG
  • ABV
  • CO2 content
  • DO
  • Colour
  • Haze
  • IBU


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Hi Greg,

I think you may just have timed this request perfectly! We are coming to the end of our “Packaging approval” feature, which Luke has just posted about here:

It will allow you to enter targets and acceptable ranges for measurements on a per-beer basis, and your production / packaging team will be able to enter and review the recorded readings against the targets on a per-batch basis.

We were about to add ranges and targets for calculated fields you might have had on your brew sheet as one of the final elements before launch, but this has made us stop and start adding functionality for fermentation readings as well!

Your sales / marketing team will be able to view any beer’s targets and acceptable ranges, so hopefully that will help them there as well.

We’ll let you know when this goes live!