Filter by trade store acess

We’d like to be able to view the customers that have trade store access, don’t have access and those who still have pending invitations.

Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah.

I can see how this would be useful so I will make sure to update you if this is implemented. If anyone else would like to be able to filter by trade store access, please vote using the button above.

I totally agree, trying to market to different sectors is a nightmare when you do not have any idea if they (for example) are already registered on the trade store.
Also need Trade Store Only pricing available.

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Can anyone tell me how I can see who is registered for our trade store as the recent and pending list obviously doesn’t show everyone. I literally cannot find a list/report of who has been accepted? A filter would be useful for doing other reports on them but I’m at square one, who even has access?

It’s not possible to view a full list at this time, but we’ll see if we can get a filter option added for this soon as I can see how this would be extremely useful.

Great news, everyone :tada: This option has been added now, so you can filter everywhere that BrewwQL is acting on “customers”!

Thank you, everyone, for your patience with this :smile:

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