External keg cleaning cost

Hi, you.
We’re moving from one-way to returnable kegs. For now we don’t have keg cleaning options in house so we send them to another brewery for a per-keg cleaning charge.
Is there a way to add this charge to each racked?
The only way I can see at the minute is to make cleaning cost an inventory item associated with the container type.
Thanks for any tips!

Thanks for getting in touch Stephen.

This is one way to add the cost however you could also add the cost to each batch by going to a batch page, scrolling down to the Utility/other costs tab and creating it as a ‘cost type’ which you can then apply the cost to the racking batch action. I hope that helps but let me know if you need any further clarification.

problem would be then that it is not included in the predictive cost reports though? or is it possible on recipe level?

That’s right, it wouldn’t be possible on the current predictive recipe cost report unless you add the cost to the recipe itself. Something to handle this could be a good feature request, however.