Extending the use of rules in price books

Was looking further into the new rules section in price books and there are a couple of bits i would find really helpful:

  • Ability to set price per tag so for example i could have a load of different cans at different prices but if i wanted them all to be £35 no matter what the beer for a certain company then i could make a price book where you could set the price to apply to all items with the can tag.
  • The above could also work for setting ABV bands. So we price our specials in 3 ABV bands so depending on what band tag i give the product it would automatically set the list price/standard price at a certain price
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Thanks, Justin. I think this is covered by Price books - set prices per product type / ABV (rules to set a fixed price instead of a discount), so if you can give that one a vote, that would be great :+1:

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