Exporting Contact List from Invoice numbers for Traceability, Withdrawal and Recall tests

I am carrying out an incident test and the scenario is a bad batch of hops.
These hops have made it into multiple batches of beer and each of these batches has been sent to hundreds of customers.

When I run a report on Bath Distribution I get a 40 page list of invoice numbers and customer names, but these don’t include contact details.

At the moment I am having to one by one type in the invoice number and find the email and Phone number - this is incredibly time consuming.

Is there a way to input all the invoice numbers and get the contact details of the customers for said invoice.

Or better still get the contact details of every customer who received any batch that has been impacted by the incident immediately, and export this contact list to an email app to send an email to everyone in one go?

Hi Sam, thanks for raising this in our community. I recommend using our Ingredient recall tool for the scenario you are describing. You can find this by heading to Stock itemsTools & optionsIngredient recall. Here, you can simply enter the ingredient name and batch number. This will display to you every batch of beer this ingredient has gone into, the containers that have been filled containing this ingredient batch, the customers that any containers have gone to, the contact numbers for these customers and the order numbers. Hopefully, this should help in this scenario. Cheers Ben

Hi Ben, thanks for this. This has been super helpful for finding customers phone numbers, however it doesn’t display email addresses, which is problematic for anyone who has ordered beer from us through shopify?

Hi Sam, thanks for your reply. You’re right; currently, this doesn’t show the email address for Shopfiy orders. I agree this would be useful for orders that have come through Shopify, so I have raised a feature request for this tool to Use invoice email contact information on ingredient recall tool for Ecommerce orders ! It would be great if you could give this a vote!