Expand all button for stock level information on the "All products" list

All products list would be even better if it included Locations too. This would give you that global oversight of stock in locations. If you could export this page too, it would serve as a prelim to a stock take without actually having to open one.

Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas.

How would you suggest this is laid out? I’m concerned about making what is intended to be a fairly simple and easy-to-understand list a complex list that’s hard to understand at a glance.


Thanks Luke,

I’ve noticed that by going to the little ‘+’ button at the end in ‘All products List’ it shows you the location of that SKU which is handy enough. (an expand all buttons would be amazing here). I’ve also noticed that it only gives you the quantity in single cans/bottles rather than the intended pack format of sale i.e 12x330ml cans which is not so helpful meaning you need a calculator to hand to know how many units you’re actually working with.

Thanks, Thomas. I must admit that I’d forgotten that button even existed!

We’ve updated this now to show both the number of singles and the number of packs. We’ve also tweaked the button to be more consistent with the rest of Breww (I’m not sure how this slipped through the net in our redesign a while back), so it will show as a button with an “eye” icon now, rather than the + symbol.

I’ll rename this feature request to be an expand all button :+1:

Thanks for your help Luke,

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