Equipment repairs log in maintenance

I realise there is already threads about equipment maintenance and the system allows for scheduled maintenance but as I discussed with you on the stand at BeerX this is all planned maintenance. When something breaks and needs repairing we currently trick the system by having a dummy planned task which we add notes to.

It would be good to have something like the cleaning system that takes the equipment off line and allows us to add the notes about the repair and any new parts. This would then allow you to see a repair log for the equipment so that you can potentially see how often say a heating element or switch is having to be replaced.

This would be really useful when the equipment logging is implemented. If we send out a handpull for instance and it then returns broken then it would be good to log it as broken needing repair so it takes it off availability. We could then carry out the repair and make it ready for hire again.

Happy to answer queries if my ramblings aren’t quite clear!

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