Equipment logging

We hire out equipment for beer festivals etc. Would be great if each piece of equipment could have a unique code just like a cask so that we could have an inventory of hand pulls for instance and these could be scanned onto an invoice just like casks and returned when they come back so we know where they are and who has them. They could also have a category of maintenance in case they come back and need maintenance and therefore are not available for hire again

Massively agree with this - we’ve been trying to work out how best to track our small single stillages and this would be the perfect solution!

Hi John and Frances,

Thanks for the suggestion here, we have further discussed this as a team this morning and think this would be a great feature for Breww.
This task it already on the list, but I will add your votes and further ideas to the development task.
I’ll update you here with any progress.


Agree with the above. This would be a hugely helpful feature, at present managing our inventory of cellar items is not what it needs to be and having this logged in breww and managed as mentioned in the opening comment would be a huge help.

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