Edit ingredient addition - EDIT COST

I notice that you can edit ingredient additions within a batch but that you cannot edit the cost of the ingredients. Adding this feature would be very useful for many I am sure. We received a new ingredient in on Mon, it was ‘consumed’ on Tues and we have only just received the invoice for the ingredient which differs from the cost loaded on the purchase order. It would be a simple correction if we could simply just edit the cost price at the point of consumption. This feature would also be useful to retrospectively correct any errors if found.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jason.

You should be able to edit the cost on the inventory receipt. This has the benefit of updating all beer batches in one-go that have used this item since it was delivered.

If you’ve any trouble with this, please let us know. Cheers :+1:

Hi Luke, I wasn’t aware we could do this which is an even better feature than my suggestion, thank you, all resolved! Cheers Jason

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