Duplicating (copying) recipes & stages

Occasionally, it’s useful to be able to copy recipe stages from one recipe to another. Breww’s recipe suite allows for this functionality which is ideal if you have a number of recipes that share the same base template.

To duplicate an entire recipe, allowing you to make changes to the new version, go to ProductionViewRecipes and select the recipe you would like to copy from. Once on the recipe page, select Duplicate recipe and choose the name for your new recipe. Once duplicated, you will be in the new version of that recipe and from here, you can make changes as necessary. You can even assign this recipe to another beer.

You can also just copy stages of a recipe from one to the next, ideal if you have a number of recipes that share a similar stage (for example, the mash). To copy a recipe stage, go to the recipe you want to copy stages into and select Edit recipe. Once in the ‘edit’ screen of the recipe, select Copy stages from another recipe. Breww will ask you to select a recipe, and which stages from that recipe you would like to copy into your open recipe. Once selected, the copied stage(s) will appear in your current recipe, which you can adjust as needed.