Demo/Sand box environment

Eyup - not exactly a new Breww feature request, but would it be possible to have access to a demo account (similar to that offered at the beginning) or a ‘sand box’ environment where we could try out new settings/processes before implementing them in our brewery account? This would save a few headaches of setting things up that don’t work the way we wanted, and can’t reverse it cos containers etc can’t be deleted once used/assigned … as an example.

I can see our original demo account from my profile, but no access to using it as a test platform.


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Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. We think this is a great idea :ok_hand:

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Just wondering - is this easy to switch on, given the demo account still remains in the background? Thanks Luke.

Sadly it’s not as simple as just switching it on, but we will be able to leverage some of the existing tools when building this.

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