Deliveries Section Seperate 'Own Deliveries Tab'

HI guys,

So at the moment when looking on the deliveries section, you have the main section on the left when looking at the deliveries that day, and under the “items required” tab it tells you what is needed for own vehicle, collections and courrier.

On the right it has a section for telling you whats needed for courrier deliveries and collections as their own tabs and breaks it all down. But there isnt the same for Own Vehicle. Would make things a little less compilcated and easier to read whats needed for my deliveries.


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Thanks for the suggestion, Chris.

Are you organising your own vehicle deliveries onto delivery runs (even just one run with one vehicle)? Breww’s expectation is that you do this, and if you do, you’ll get a section for each run on the right side of the Items required tab.

If you don’t typically do this, you can do it with just two clicks by using the Breww AI route optimisation button from the Deliveries (own vehicle) tab. This feature is included in all price plans. It will even ensure you do them in an optimised order (and you can take this optimisation to the next level with our Advanced Deliveries addon if you’d like to save even more time and fuel).

Does this cover what you’re looking for? Thank you.

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Ahhhh, thanks Luke! never really used that feature but good to know, just tried that and works.

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