Deleting and obsoleting products

In Breww, you can remove products in two separate ways; deleting and obsoleting. Please see below for what the two processes entail.

Deleting a product

In Breww, it is possible to delete a product that hasn’t been “used” yet. In order to delete a product:

  • It must have never had any stock manually added, or been racked from a batch
  • It must have never been added to an order/invoice
  • It must have never been added to a credit note

To delete a product, head to Products > [Find the product] > Actions > Delete.

Making a product obsolete

If a product cannot be deleted, you can instead mark it as obsolete. This will stop the product from showing in your products tab or being added to an invoice.

Once a product is obsolete, you can go to the Products tab, click All Products List and then click Show Obsolete Products to see any products that have been made obsolete.


This will give the ability to click into the product and reactivate it if required. This can be done by clicking Actions > Re-activate (un-obsolete).