Define invoice number leading 0 (zero) padding used when uploading invoices to accounting platforms

The accountancy integration works well, but the only bit I’m a bit sad about is that you cannot define the invoice number more than the initial prefix.
It would have been ideal for us to continue at the end of the sequence of our previous system, to avoid any duplication of invoices. To work around this we have replaced the default prefix of SI with BSI which is distinct from our old system.
However it also then posts with BSI-**** with only 4 digits beyond the prefix. I’ve been reassured that this will grow once we pass 9999, but it would also be great to pre-define the number of digits we are using and have leading 0’s. Having consistent length of string in this field in Xero is really useful for reporting, and saves extra steps of trimming and data cleansing in Excel once the raw data is exported from Xero.
Appreciate when you are able to look into this.

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