Customers who purchase via localwholesalers

Some of the accounts I speak to order via wholesalers. Is their a customer catagory for this? If I put them down as a customer it implies a direct order. Would it be an idea to add wholesaler customer and have the option to link this with the applicable wholesaler account?

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That’s a good idea but could clog up the customer list. I have them as leads and then in the lead status put that they are a local wholesalers customer.

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For now I have those customers in the customer list with an added custom detail where I can select via which wholesaler I usually book that account. I then log the order in the CRM so I at least have some reference for myself when this customer has ordered last.

This is just a workaround and not completely ideal. Some sort of function where I can streamline if a customer orders with me and I can add it to the wholesaler’s order would be very welcome.