Customer Account Balance

Hey everyone.

We’ve migrated to Breww today, after a good few weeks making sure everything is ready for the big swap. We have mapped our customers to Sage50 and the sync has already pushed an invoice over to Sage correctly.

However, the customer balance in Breww does not reflect any outstanding debt or credit from previous invoices (made in other software prior to our migration). Is there any way of getting Breww to pull this history from Sage50?

We are currently in a position where a lot of customers have outstanding balances, but Breww thinks everyone’s balance is £0, which makes knowing who has outstanding or is over credit limit a little more tricky. It is presumably pulling some info from Sage50 as its giving us “Average Order Values” in the customer pages, which must be an average from previous invoices in Sage. All our customers will only be on order#1 in Breww, so for customers to have average order values that differ from their only invoice on Breww must mean its taking numbers from somewhere.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!



Hi Luke - thanks for the question! Previously, Breww did import the starting balances when importing customers from accountancy providers, but we found that this was not what people wanted more often than not. Because of this we’ve stopped importing them automatically, but it is still possible to add starting balances if you wish using the bulk customer updater in SettingsData imports and updatesCustomer updater → in the Bulk update existing data section click Customers and contacts.

Breww downloads payments once they’ve been assigned to an invoice Breww has uploaded. So to cancel out starting balances once they’ve been imported, you will need to add a payment against the customer.

I hope that helps, but if you have any questions, let us know!

Hey Max,

Cheers for getting back to me. When we migrated, we actually started from scratch with regards to our customers/outlets as there were a considerable amount on our old system that either didn’t exist anymore, or weren’t actively ordering. We intended to thin down our list by only adding customers that placed orders, then manually map to their old entries in Sage50.

After looking at the options I think we are just going to wait until all the outstanding invoices from our previous software have cleared and not worry about syncing it with Breww. Eventually Breww will have the correct balance for everyone, once all those old invoices are cleared (in theory).

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