CRM - contract brewing opportunities

We are looking for a way to better manage contract brewing (and fixed volume contracts for supermarkets etc) opportunities in a way that we can track and monitor progress of these opportunities, and log the details / status until the point it turns in to a contract. I’ve looked at the Leads dashboard and it doesn’t really work for us because these are not new customers, just new scopes of supply. We’d like somewhere in the customer file where we can easily pull current batches (tagged with the contract brew type perhaps), and future confirmed batches (from the batch schedule) as well as future (unconfirmed) batches.

Thanks Hazel, would this be a bit like a sales contract (like the opposite of a hop contract)? With the option to log contracts as drafts before actually starting them (or cancelling them)? You’re right that the leads section wouldn’t really cover this as that’s got a different focus.

It sounds like this has some overlap with Improved management of pre-orders and reservations too.

Yes potentially, though we’ve not used the hop contracts module yet.

Contracts could be logged as draft (i.e. still under negotiation) until they are put in to production. We just need some where to capture the information so it is easy to update and move around, then link to the production once realised.

Pre-orders and reservations is slightly different for us, we do similar to Gijs and continually move the date of reserved stock orders so we can then reassign when the firm order comes through.

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