Creating lots of recipes?

Is there a quicker way to create recipes?
Most contain the same stages, can I just choose ‘create recipe from template 1’ or something?
I really don’t want to have to manually go through and add all the steps for each recipe I add.
Its not like I only have 4 or 5 recipes and continually rotate them, otherwise it would be much easier.

I’ve found a rather awkward way to do it. I created a recipe which is not assigned to a beer.
(cant recall how I made it un-assigned!) This contains my basic steps which are mostly common between recipes.

Then I go to recipes and copy this, to the beer I am working on. However once that is done, the template is gone. So you have to go in to the new recipe and copy back to a template before you make any changes. Forget this stage and you are screwed :slight_smile:

(I’ve already inputted my recipe once in to Brewfather to get my desired gravities, equipment profile, batch size, IBU etc. Its getting long winded to input each one in to Breww, I’m sure I am missing something? )

Thanks again!

Hi Mike,

That’s actually exactly what we recommend doing in this situation - copying a template recipe that you’ve created to start a new recipe! It’s not meant to remove your template once you’ve done it though! I’ve done a few copies on our test account however, and they’ve gone through fine without modifying or deleting the original - so I haven’t been able to replicate this I’m afraid. Is there anything in particular here that might help us replicate what happened? But this is exactly what the Copy recipe functionality here is for - having a base of stages and actions that are shared amongst your recipes to help more quickly set them all up.

And to remove a recipe from being assigned to a beer you need to go to the recipe and click the “Edit details” button on the Recipe details section of the page. There you can assign / de-assign recipes from a beer. Hopefully that helps!