Create a table showing hop usage per batch

This might be possible already but I would like to see a report which is a table with hop variety along one axis and batch/beer along the other axis. Then the quantity of each hop used for each batch in the table. If this can be filtered by time range that would be great.

I currently do this manually on a spreadsheet and I am sure many others do this to. It really helps with contracting future years.

It could also expand out to malt too but hops are the key one.

Thanks Adam. Can I please clarify a couple of points:

  1. When you say “hop variety”, do you just mean hop “Stock items” (in Breww’s terms)? Or could multiple stock items need to be grouped into a single “hop variety”? E.g. if you had the same hop as both pellets and whole leaf, would you want them to show together or as two rows/columns?
  2. When you say “batch/beer”, do you mean Batch or Beer (in Breww’s terms)? If you brewed two batches of the same beer, would you want them to show together or separately?

Thank you.

Hi Luke,

  1. Hop variety - I would say in terms of stock items in Breww. I imagine most people have a separate item in Breww for leaf T90, cryo etc. so that would work best.
  2. Batch/beer - I really meant gyle here, sorry. If the batches were identical then it could show as no. times brewed and use it to multiple the amount of hops to get the totals used per year/month/whatever. If the hops were different for each batch of the same beer then it should show as a sperate line.

Here us an example of what I mean.


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Perfect, thanks Adam, that screenshot is really helpful :+1:

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