Cost invoices feature?

Morning Team Breww

Just wondering if there’s a feature to create a cost invoice for reclaiming against lost couriered/palletised orders? Our pallet company will only pay out on a cost invoice rather than a sales invoice; which means I have to spend much longer than necessary trawling through each SKU on an order and breaking down its cost per keg/case to create an invoice.

Aside from the obvious of just going with a pallet haulier that is capable of not losing a full pallet’s worth of beer, is there a way of doing this without all the labour involved as above?

Thank Aaron,

There’s not a quick way to do this currently. As you suggest, you can do it manually, so it is not impossible, but there’s not a one-click solution.

I think Cost Price Price Book - calculate selling price based on recipe expected cost is an excellent solution to this. If you can vote for that thread, that would be ideal as it will keep all the votes in one place and help it move up the priority list.

If you don’t think that other thread is quite right, please do let me know :+1:

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