Container scanning when not in signal

Hey Guys,

We are based in Deepest Devon and as such a large chunk of our customers live in rural areas with, at best, poor signal. Due to this when tracked containers are scanned when delivering this function won’t work, and we are currently having to print the delivery manifest and makes notes of container codes to input when in signal.

Therefore is there a way for Breww to store the data (As you would when sending a text or FB message) and allow this to be scanned and to be updated when back in signal?


Yes, I agree, this would be a great function. In fact, there are quite a few aspects of the delivery day that it would be beneficial to have the ability to use offline, such as signatures, and the route itself.

There have been quite a few times I’ve been without a printed run sheet, and have been able to load the delivery day because I don’t have signal. As such, I haven’t been able to start my navigation on my phone. The only option has been to drive until I get signal, and hope I picked the right direction.

With the signatures, there have been times when I’m out of signal and had to take a signature, only to find there was a racking error (usually a keykeg or polypin not racked on the system) so Breww would not complete the order. In this case it deletes the signature and the name entered.

Would it be possible to have a function where you can download a delivery run to your phone? It could also save everything, such as cask numbers, photos and signatures, on your phone then delete everything again when you are back at base and the run is marked as completed and fully uploaded. An option to download the map area for the day would be pretty handy too.




We have just got Breww and are in the lake district and will also struggle without this feature. Any tips of what we will need to do to overcome the problems would be greatly appreciated :smiley:



Hi Deborah,

Currently our way around this is we print the delivery manifest which we use for loading, and when a driver reaches a customer which is not in signal and therefore cant be scanned into Breww, he writes the container codes next to the corresponding customer on the paper manifest. I then pop these into Breww when he returns.

Not ideal I know, hopefully we can get Breww to improve this feature as it would be massively helpful. Welcome to Breww however, it is a fantastic platform and has massively improved our Brewery for the better over the past few months, Good luck!

Thanks so much Lewis. This will help so much.
Just a quick one when you get a minute, what about signatures on delivery?



Hey Deborah,

Outside of signal Breww (as far as I’m aware) wont let the signature be taken which is very annoying. Once however you know which customers are in patchy signal you can always print of a delivery note before you head of for these specific customers and have it signed manually and kept for your records, not ideal I know.


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Hey Lewis,

Thanks so much for your advice its been so helpful. We had a think earlier and even if for those areas we could take a photo and upload when get back. I agree not ideal but at least there are solutions for now.

Again thanks for your support.



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Thank you for the great suggestions here and also thank you Lewis for your help and advice with this.

I will make sure to update you all once we have some developments on this.

Any updates yet on when this will happen? Thanks Deb

Thanks for the nudge on this Deborah.

I’m afraid we don’t have an exact timeline for this as there are a number of features that we are working on but I will be sure to update you as soon as I have any updates.

Hi Joe

Any idea if this is going to happen?



Thanks Deborah,

This is absolutely going to happen, but it’s extremely complicated, and to be honest, work on this has not yet begun. One of the big complications is that there can be conflicts, for example:

  • A driver goes out with their phone, having loaded their outstanding delivery list
  • Another driver goes out with their phone, having loaded their outstanding delivery list
  • One driver assigns container F01 to a delivery
  • The other driver assigns F01 to one of their deliveries (which of course isn’t possible, without one of them having made a mistake)
  • Later both drivers get signal again - what should Breww do with this conflicting information? What if during this time, someone else completes the delivery with signal (or on the website or via the mobile app)?

Probably the only sensible option here is that the first phone to get signal wins and the subsequent phone(s) get told that the delivery they said was completed with F01, actually wasn’t. But then which container was delivered to this other customer? Probably nobody will ever know.

Maybe all of this could be made less of a problem if all containers had to be assigned at the brewery (where there is signal) and then just the marking of a delivery as being completed (and taking the signature) was done without the signal. In which case the only possible conflict is two different signatures. Would you be able to assign the containers before leaving the brewery (delivery labels can be generated by Breww to ensure the right containers are delivered to the right customers), and just mark the delivery as complete (and take the signature) whilst out of signal.

We will certainly be building support for this into the app, but the fewer opportunities for conflicts of data would simplify things significantly. I hope this makes sense and anyone else who would find this useful, but hasn’t voted using the button in the top-left of this page, please do as this will help ensure this gets completed sooner.

Hi Luke, Cant believe I have missed this until now! We could certainly assign containers before we leave as we do that now. This is easier for us anyways as then as you say no mistakes get made. Am I not wrong that if you don’t assign a container before leaving it will not leave duty suspence so needs done anyways!
We are getting to the point now were we really need this feature to work as have a real issue with signal in a lot of places so driver is still using paperwork which we want to get away from. This is one of the reasons that we got Breww.



Thanks Deborah, that’s useful to know. Needing to only deal with conflicts on marking deliveries as complete/taking signatures, would make this easier to implement for sure.

We’ll let you know when we have an update on this :+1:

Hi Luke
Hope you are well.
We are still struggling with signal issues. Is there any news on this? We have been waiting several months now.

I’m very well, thanks, and I hope you are too :smile:

There’s no update to report on this yet, I’m afraid, but I do hope we can get to this before too long. We’re working hard to improve Breww all the time, but with multiple requests coming in every day, it takes quite a bit of keeping up with!

We will always post an update on the thread if there’s been any news, so keep an eye on the thread for updates. You can also make sure you’re subscribed to notifications by using the button with a :bell: in it on the right of the thread. It looks a bit like this: