Container (cask & keg) tracking

Breww has full cask and keg tracking built-in, so you don’t need to pay for a separate platform to manage this if you have your own containers. You can see at a glance where your containers are, how long customers have had them and arrange to collect them in a timely manner. The faster they come back to you, the sooner you can refill them and get paid for more beer.

To see which of your containers are currently in trade, you can go to the Containers tab, then click ViewView in trade. This will show you a list of all casks and kegs in trade, as well as which customer currently holds them, the delivery address, delivery date and contact number for that customer.

You can also switch to the Container Map view to see where your containers are on a map.

Scheduling an uplift/ullage collection

Scheduling an uplift from a customer is incredibly easy in Breww. If you go to any customer’s page in Breww and click the Containers in trade & uplift orders tab you can schedule an uplift to pick up ullaged/empty containers (please see image below). The uplift can be intelligently scheduled into your delivery day, using Breww’s AI route optimisation.

If you would like to ullage a container you can do this by going to ContainersAction & toolsUllage a container.

Printing barcode labels for containers

To print barcode labels for your containers, you can print them all in one go by going to Containers > View all containers > Print container labels. If you want to print labels for containers with labels marked as damaged, you can click Print all broken labels. This will then automatically un-mark them as damaged.

Barcode scanning with the Breww app for Apple iOS & Android

Using our free native app for Apple iOS and Android devices, you can scan your casks and kegs at every stage of Breww to ensure mistakes are kept to a minimum. The app uses the camera on your device to accurately scan barcodes, ensuring you don’t need to buy expensive dedicated devices. The app is lightning fast to use and you get instant feedback as to whether the container was accepted or was rejected (for example, if you are trying to rack into a container that is already full).

Quickly view containers in trade, likely needing collection & arrange uplifts

It is possible to quickly view a list of all customers with containers in trade since a given date (such as 6 weeks ago) then arrange uplifts for the containers with one click per customer. You can even filter the list by Delivery Area to be sure they’ll fit nicely into your delivery routes.

To do this, go to ContainersActions & toolsBulk arrange container uplifts to get started!

A quick feature request. Would it be possible to organise a delivery route, for the system to flag empty containers over a set period of time that is on or near to that route. Then give you the ability to add to the days route?

Funny you should ask! We launched a feature for this yesterday!

Does this cover what you’re looking for?

It does a little bit, our delivery area’s can be quite large. Which means just bulk plotting uplifts could mean inefficient detours? I guess I was asking if there was a way to flag empties on a given delivery route? i.e. plan in a delivery day, sort the route, then have the facility to check for empties on or (within x miles) to a given route?


Ok, yes, I can understand how it would be hard to know which uplifts to include and which not to, for the most efficiency.

My thinking is that you could choose an existing delivery run and enter the maximum time that the run can take (including driving, actually delivering, etc). We could then attempt to include as many of the container uplift visits as possible without going over this maximum run duration. This I think would give you the best optimisation, versus just picking a hard limit in miles, especially in situations where a slightly larger detour may be very beneficial by letting you visit a “cluster” of customers needing an uplift.

How does this sound?

Could any more functionality be added to the map?

I find the map is easier to see where the containers are but other than zooming right in and figuring out who the customer is by knowledge of the location, I don’t think we can tell who the customer is?


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I’m sure we can :smile:

If you could put forward ideas for improvements in feature requests we’ll be able to make sure they don’t get missed. Thank you.

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Hello again,

Not sure when but I see there is more functionality in this now (able to filter by customer or post code).

What would certainly help us (mostly using our own casks & kegs) is the ability to filter outstanding containers by customer type and then see the results in a list.

E.g.: filter by “wholesaler” and get a list showing

Wholesaler 1 - 12 casks
Wholesaler 2 - 48 casks



Hey Lewis,

I’m sorry if it seems pedantic, but it’s crucial for feature requests to be posted in the right place, or they can’t be scheduled into our development plan (and this is the comments section on a help guide).

If you’d like to post this in the feature requests area, we can look to implement these improvements for you. For more information on how feature requests work, please see our guide at 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙

hello, and good afternoon everyone… I’m just reaching out here for anyone that has experience of cask/keg tracking using breww and how they are doing with it, what sort of volumes of trackable containers are you dealing with and how do you manage with your stocktakes. Just looking to see what people are seeing and how they find it please? Any experiences you can share with me? Thanks in advance.

Is there a feature to track the containers of guest beers? We have started selling cask from another brewery and need a system to know where & when to collect empties from.

Hi Marc, thanks for your comment! Guest beers are considered as stock items in Breww and are not tracked in the same way as your usual cask fleet. However, you should be able to see the location and date of delivery by using the Products sold (order lines) report in the Raw data explorer. Here, you could add a field to view of Invoice → Deliverycollection → Completed Date, and Invoice → Customer → Name and then filter on the product name in the Breww QL filter. However, this wouldn’t show the specific guest beer batch. There currently isn’t a feature request for this, so if you could raise this, that would be great. Cheers!

Hey all,

Is it possible to create a report on the number of rotations a keg has done? Would be handy to work out keg return rates for when purchasing new kegs, or knowing when to pull a keg out of stock for a deep clean etc?


Hi Tim, thanks for your message. You may find our Containers returned report useful for this. This report will show you the date a keg was delivered and the date a keg was returned; you could then search the keg number in the report to see the rotations within the reporting period or Export this to Excel for further filtering on the data. You can find this report by heading to Reporting → Pre-built Deliveries reports. I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any more questions. Cheers!