Consumables used during transfer to vessel

During transfer to vessel consumables like filter socks and sheets are used and there is currently no way to trigger those being consumed from inventory. Could this be added so that we have better control of this type of inventory item? Currently you can add that a piece of equipment has been added, presumably to trigger a cleaning record.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Hazel, this makes complete sense and I’m sure we can add this.

And, you’re right that the choosing of equipment is to log the equipment was used and trigger cleaning records when required :+1:

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I should have said before that until we add this into the transfer process, you can retrospectively add the inventory used. After completing the transfer, go to the “Ingredients” tab and use the “Add other” button in the top left of the tab. You can choose the stock item used and link this to the transfer action for cost reporting purposes. If you’ve any questions on this, please let me know.

We will, of course, still look to add this to the main transfer process as that would be a good improvement.

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Hi Luke
Just wondering if this is being considered in a wider view. We really need something where by inventory items used in a process can be assigned to the process rather than the product. Filter sheets are a good example. They cannot be associated to the bottle like a cap can because we use 20 sheets whether we filter 20 bottles or 1000 bottles. Therefore it really needs to be associated to the action of packaging. If we could associate equipment and stock items when setting up the packaging on a particular gyle this would help hugely as it would also be picked up in pre brew stock checks

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Yes, I think that’s important. I think there are two separate things here:

  1. You should be able to pick stock items used in a transfer action.
  2. I really like your previous idea of Definable actions - e.g. filtering even though it’s not picked up any votes yet :laughing: This is an example of a task that we consider more important than what the votes suggest as we think it deserves more votes than it has.

We feel there should be more comprehensive options for customising your own actions, while some actions will remain built into the core of Breww (such as transferring), therefore transferring would need updating to allow logging the use of stock items, much like you can do with racking already. In addition to a separate project for defining your own actions would be great.