Cleaning & maintenance records are here 🧹

Good question, I’m not 100% sure, some sort of tiers of ‘requires packaging approval’?
Maybe using the user groups tags, and the ‘Approve Packaging Approvals’ that can be assigned to the User. Then the Production Tab Setting could be an option for Packaging Approval with choices such as ‘All’, ‘Users with Packaging Approval Access Only’.etc

Then a staff member could carry out the necessary checks, fill in the data and if the additional/supervisor approval was turned on, the ‘Approve’ button would just become ‘Request Approval’, which would generate the task to the tagged users & maybe add a different coloured tag to the production screen? So essentially the task would be generated at the point the user tried to approve the packaging and is denied.

Hope that makes sense?

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Hi Steve,

Yes, that makes sense. I like the idea of a request approval button triggering the task. I’ll discuss this further with the team and add the feature to our development list.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks for this feature and video but what about the maintenance records for cleaning my Firkins ans Pins?

Hi Rowena,
At the moment, what we recommend is to create a piece of equipment for bulk cleaning as outlined in Luke’s comment above:

You could also add a note to this piece of equipment to record which containers have been cleaned in that record.
We’re discussing as a team how best to handle this as a dedicated feature. If anyone has any suggestions of how they’d like it to work, please add them to this thread! Would you find being able to scan individual kegs in to clean useful? Or would this sound like too much work each time. Alternatively, the process could work similarly to the above workaround, where you have one task for all containers and you just simply clean the required containers each time.

Hi Luke,

I’m having a similar issue. For context, we have 5 pumps in our brewhouse, each pump has a certain runtime. It would be great if every time we “use” the brewhouse, it could log the runtime designated to each pump and then trigger maintenance on the pump after e.g. 300 hours for the first oil change. There are many auxiliary pieces of equipment to look after where this would be so helpful, from the scaling on the CIP heating element, to maintenance on the water softener for our steam generator. And it would be great if they could be simply triggered every time we do a brew.

Is that something that’s currently possible?


Hi Micheal, thanks for your comment. Currently, you cannot use additional equipment, such as your pumps, when processing a batch in the brewhouse. You can use pumps on transfers for primary and secondary vessels, which would register their usage for maintenance, but I understand that this differs from what you are after with this query for their use in the brewhouse. You can set up your brewhouse pumps as a piece of equipment with a cleaning and maintenance process and schedule that is prompted via time rather than usage. For example, a maintenance check on your brewhouse pumps every two months. Likewise, if you need to de-scale your heating elements, you could set this up on a time-based schedule, alerting you when this needs to be done. However, I think your point raised is great, and it would be really handy to use equipment more freely in Breww, including when brewing a batch. We have an open feature request for the Ability to assign equipment when starting a new batch and for the Batch Schedule to include equipment as well as vessels. If you could vote on these and add your comments, that would be fantastic. Cheers!


I can’t find a way to do this, but it will be great to be able to download a PDF of the cleaning record.

This would be useful as evidence in case of an audit or check.

Thank you

Hi Hector, thanks for your message! There isn’t an export feature within the cleaning and maintenance records section of Breww; however, you could always select Command+P (Mac) or Ctrl+P (Windows) on the cleaning record, which as well as giving you the option to print a PDF of the page, should also let you save the page as a PDF document. We usually recommend showing these records within Breww for an onsite audit, but using the method above should let you save this as a PDF if you need to send them this data. Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers. Ben