Cleaning & maintenance records are here 🧹

Hi Richard,

This is a great question. We didn’t specifically create this with casks in mind to be honest, but it could certainly be used. I suggest not creating a piece of equipment for each individual cask, but creating a single piece of equipment to represent all casks. You can then schedule a time-based (e.g. weekly) clean of all dirty casks, or skip the schedule creation and manually trigger a clean event each time you’ll be doing cask cleaning (I’m assuming you do them in batches). A cleaning record can be manually triggered from the equipment screen. You could record in the notes which casks were cleaned (if you wanted a record of this).

The clean wouldn’t be intrinsically linked back to the casks, so it wouldn’t result in the casks themselves having any cleanliness status or history against them. And for this reason, Breww wouldn’t be able to link this to any scheduled packaging.

When we built this feature, we linked cleaning records/schedules directly to brewing systems, vessels and other equipment (as per Breww’s definition), but we left the door open for them to be able to be linked to other things in the future, so we could certainly explore linking them to tracked/returnable casks/kegs. Would this be useful for you? Would you want Breww to track the cleanliness of casks and need the cleaning process to be updated with the individual casks cleaned, or would this additional admin time not be worth the benefit, over simply recording that all dirty casks has been cleaned?

Whoops :man_facepalming: I’m not quite sure how that slipped through the net, but thanks for pointing it out! We’ve patched this up now, so you should find that edits to processes are saved properly now. Sorry about this!

Thanks for tying out this new feature so quickly :grinning: