Choose different gyle for same product when placing an order


Are you able to add gyle options on the product list at the time of adding and item on the order page, including future gyles already planned in?

We have permanent beers with multiple gyles (upto 3 at any one time) and want to be able to take off different gyles depending on who we are supplying (wholesalers vs trade) mainly because of different BBEs.

Cheers, Danny

Thanks for the suggestion, and I can see how this would be useful.

This is essentially allocating stock to an order’s delivery earlier in the process. I’m sure we can look to implement this, but is certainly a substantial change behind the scenes (for example, not all orders would have their delivery scheduled at this point, but that would be needed for this to work as technically stock is allocated to a delivery, not an order).

I’m linking this with Improved management of pre-orders and reservations as there could be some overlap here.

If anyone else would like to see this, please can you give this a vote :+1:

This is now possible :tada: This was implemented late last year, so I’m sorry for not updating this thread before now.

Find out more at:

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