Changing Tank Icons on the Production screen

I was wondering if there is any chance to change the holding tank icon to a pill shape tank to represent a horizontal lagering tank. No big deal if it cant be done, but it would be cool if it could be. Thanks!


Even better… Allow creation of arbitrary vessel types with user supplied images.

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Thanks for the great suggestion.

We may well be able to add more vessel icons and let you choose which one to show for each type of vessel. If anyone else would like this, please make sure to vote for this thread (and @ryan-yerdon your vote counts too, so please do vote).

This would be great, but it would be extremely complicated. We could easily allow you to upload your own image, but then ensuring the image is “filled” to the correct volume level with the correct beer colour would be really complex. At the moment, each image is stored along with a definition of the area that’s part of the fill (so we don’t cover the entire image) and we would need you to tell us this information for each image that you uploaded and in all honesty, the UI would become too complex, I think.

If anyone else has other image shapes/suggestions, please post them here and we’ll see if we can get our designer to make more of them :+1:

Really? You’d only need to know the top and bottom of the fill-able area. Which would be transparent, or fill none or whatever. Do the “fill” behind the tank element. Not on top. Surely.

Yeah, this would work as long as there was no other transparency “around” the tank. This would be to avoid situations like this:


I know you could make sure your image didn’t have this problem, by only having one section transparent, but again it’s getting complicated for people without image editing experience and that’s not something we’re excited about.

It would also be easy for different people to upload different style images and make the page look quite ugly by accident which we think could reflect badly on us. If we provide the images, they’ll all be consistent and we’re happy to add more based on everyone’s suggestions.

Given the number of other feature requests on the list, the simpler solution of us providing more defaults will be much more likely to come first, to be honest.

Well yes, I suspect most breweries have a designer kicking around somewhere.
Ugly? Well that’s a matter of taste - with which there is no arguing. Of course I appreciate that consistency in look is a thing. You’re missing open fermenters (I think) as well as horizontal tanks. And then, what about koelschips? :smiley: Given that you can make and store beer in just about anything, there’s a very large number of possible vessel types.

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