Capitalisation of data

Is it possible to have all data (Inventory, Products, etc.) formatted so that the first letter of each word is capitalised?

For example if we entered “roast barley” it would be saved as “Roast Barley”. Our system is a bit messy with different users entering items in different ways…

Would there be a workaround so that “IPA” was not changed to “Ipa” though?!

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for getting in touch.
We could add a feature where you can format your stock and product names. You could pick whether you wanted title case or just the first letter capitalised, and also enter some words to fully capitalise, like IPA as you say. I’ll add this task to the list for you. We do have quite a few high-priority tasks in the pipeline at the moment, but this shouldn’t take too long, so we might be able to fit it in soon for you. I’ll keep you updated.