Calculations on brew sheets

The only thing stopping us from moving off our excel brew sheets onto breww completely is that we still cannot do calculations for things like alpha/bittering and grain bills based on their extract and moisture. Do you have any timescales for getting these built into the brewsheets

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Hi John,

Yes, we’re planning on adding these quite soon. I’d expect these things to be added within the next couple of months. We’ll keep you updated.



With the Yeast management feature now live, this is the last thing stopping us to move totally from excel to Breww.
Is there any release date on that topic?

Thanks, Vincent and sorry for the delay getting back to you. This is a high priority request and will be added soon. We’ve not got a date on this yet, but I can confirm it’s right near the front of the queue, so shouldn’t be too much longer :grin:

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Any update on the timing of this?

@john-cussons I’m afraid we haven’t anything solid yet.

We’re working on a major production upgrade at the moment that will take “brew day” to new heights that could only have been dreamed of before! It’s going to also open the door to improved recipe functionality and other related features, so this should be able to follow shortly behind the new brew day features.