Calculated ABV on merged batches & multi-turn batches

When you merge batches together, it could be helpful to calculate the resulting ABV automatically.

This should also be done with multi-turn batches.


This would be fantastic. It would also be very helpful when adding volume to batches, we add fruits for sours and lemonade for shandys and it would be helpful if brew could calculate the ABV post addition. At the moment we use a spreadsheet for all the calculations.

I would find this really useful and I requested this feature a while ago.

I regularly double brew or blend into the same vessel or tanker to create a single beer.

It would be really useful if Breww took the OG and volume of batch a and of batch b to automatically work out the new combined OG and then from there the new ABV.

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Thanks for letting me know, Ben. Sorry, I didn’t see your original post! I’ve merged the two posts now (and the votes).

Ben just showed me this topic is already going but I to agree this would be a great feature.

Hi guys. I have just moved from Ekos to Breww. Whilst Breww’s new multi turn batch is awesome I was hoping that it would display the all in FV gravity by calculating the finishing gravity’s and volume’s of each turn like Ekos dose. Im hoping this would be something that interests people?


Seems similar to this suggestion:

Yes its pretty much what you asked for in the thread (which I didn’t see). I agree almost every brewery runs on multi turn batches to fill an FV. It would be handy to have a transfer gravity input along with the volume input for Breww to then calculate the total gravity based of the gravs and volume of each turn.

I will jump in on that thread and see if that helps it get developed. Cheers for showing me!

Thanks @adreac-fitter and @ben-march, I’ll merge this thread with the other thread to combine the votes, as like you suggest they’re highly related :+1: