Bulk Move Tasks

Hi Team,

We have been using the tasks function to schedule for order capture calls. There are times where we need to bulk move a days planned in tasks. At present we have to move each task individually, could we have a way of bulk moving tasks to different days?

Select and shift in calendar mode?

Thank you.


Hi there, is this something that could be possible? Moving bulk tasks in the calendar view from one date to another?

Yes, this would be possible. I’m sorry that we haven’t got to this yet.

Would it be important to pick which tasks, or could a button be added to move all (incomplete) tasks from one day to another? This would be simpler to build as we wouldn’t have to build a feature where you can select a subset of tasks and it might be faster for you to use too (if you typically need to move all outstanding tasks on a date).

Move all would suit me.

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Is there any progress with this one?

Not yet, I’m afraid. We’re working hard to improve Breww all the time, but with multiple requests coming in every day, it takes quite a bit of keeping up with! We will always post an update on the thread if there’s progress :+1: