Bulk invoice printing (monthly, by customer)

Is there a way to print invoices in bulk for a customer or customers for a set time period?
We have a few old school customers who want all of their monthly invoices posted out at the end of the month. Currently the only way I see to do this en masse is to print each invoice one by one?
Thanks as ever,

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for your message! You are right; the only way would be to print these one by one. If it makes it easier, you can filter down your invoice list using a BrewwQL filter in the filter box at the top of the sales page of: customer.name = “ENTER CUSTOMER NAME” to reduce the list down to just that customer. Additionally, if you want to see invoices from a specific date, you could also filter them by invoice date like this: customer.name = “ENTER CUSTOMER NAME” and issue_date > “1st Feb 2023” this would then show you all of their invoices from the beginning of February.