Bulk change status of orders/deliveries


It would be great if there was a way to bulk set things on the sales and deliveries pages.

e.g. bulk set to invoiced, confirmed etc. on the sales page or bulk set to dispatched, move to another date etc. on the deliveries page

I know that you can do full days dispatch for couriers in one go but if there are one or two that didn’t go then you have to move them one at a time to another date to be able to use it.

Is it possible to have a simple tick box next to each line with a set of drop down option to apply to those lines? Similar to e-commerce pages?



Yeah move to other delivery date would be very helpful for me rather then clicking through and backing out 2 to 2-3 steps before where you where originally. The option for van runs also on sales input screen would be great / van option on bulk update please.


This would be incredibly useful for us, too! Bulk action, set delivery type/date from both the sales and delivery screens would be really handy. If at all possible also adding a column to the sales screen so at-a-glance we can see if orders have had their delivery date already set (and if so what date).


This would be a great help


Thanks for the comments, everyone. Please keep the votes coming in on this to ensure it gets moved up the priority list :+1:

Hi All

A couple of ideas below to address a persistent issue we have experienced.

The Issue

As a D2C heavy business, our promo periods create a lot of individual sales. This creates a lot of manual time consuming work to keep Breww updated with dispatched orders when we cannot clear a whole day, as individual orders require manual clicking through and dispatching. This Black Friday weekend we received 650+ integration orders. We give ourselves a 3-5 day shipping window to afford us the chance to run out and replenish lines from the point of order placed. Once out of a line, we pack and send what we can whilst awaiting the replenishment. The nature of this way of operating means that is we have a production hiccup, we can incur extra delays that require additional customer communications, however it is very hard to keep Breww dispatch updated in this scenario due to the aforementioned individual order dispatch required. This makes the internal communication required to customers services very difficult. We are often torn between physical order dispatch, and slowing down fulfilment to manually process Breww order dispatches

Idea 1

The ability to select individual orders on a dispatch page via a tick box sidebar coupled with a ‘dispatch selected orders’ action button. Something akin to Gmail would be ideal. Further, the ability to increase the number of orders displayed per page would also be an added bonus.

Idea 2

The ability to download a CSV of outstanding orders that can be updated in bulk and reuploaded with a Y/N for order complete. Assigning stock and traceability is still be important here, so having the ‘upload fail due to not enough stock’ would still be a nice feature as we create a separate location within Breww for order fulfilment.

Both of these options would save us a far few hours of inefficient working practice. However the main driver for this change is the need to have super clear and prompt communications with customers which is hindered by our ability to manage the dispatch of individual orders in high throughput periods.


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Thanks for the suggestions, Zach. I’ve merged your thread with another looking for a similar feature. This should help to keep all the votes in one place and make sure we can prioritise this better. Cheers :beers: