BUG: Stock item not loading in drop down menu


Very frequently when I create a new sstock Item, the stock item will show up in the list of stock items, but when I try to search for it in a drop down menu for example, while creating a new inventory receipt for that stock item. I cannot find it there. I presume it needs some time to update but that’s not always the case. Can you help me address the issue?


Thanks for getting in touch, Mike. We’re not aware of a bug here, so I suspect this is a configuration issue in your setup.

For a stock item to show in the drop-down when creating a PO or Inventory Receipt (IR), Breww needs to consider it orderable from the supplier of the PO/IR. For this to be the case, it either needs to be linked to the supplier (in the “Suppliers”), or not linked to any suppliers.

For example, if you have Supplier A and Supplier B. If you create a new stock item and don’t link it to any suppliers, then you’ll be able to order it from both. If you link it to Supplier A, you will only be able to order it from them and won’t be able to order it from Supplier B. You can link the item to Supplier B (in addition to Supplier A) if you need to.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, please can you open a support ticket (granting us access to your account) and let us know the IR number and stock item in question and we’ll be able to look into this for you :smile: