Breww Integration with PowerBI

Hello! New to Breww and love the user friendly interface and having access to some reporting functions.

I am going to be handling a lot of the reporting we do at the brewery and in future will be aiming to use Business Intelligence reporting to be able to build some clear visualisations

Is there future availability to have integration/connectivity of raw data with PowerBI

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Thanks for putting this forward, Liam, and it’s great to hear you’re loving the UI :smile:

We can certainly look at this. We’ve had others mention Google BigQuery in the past too, so a generic (but automated) data export could be good here. You can get access to huge amounts of raw data via our Raw Data Explorer tool, but this would be a manual export each time.

Thanks again for the suggestion and if anyone else would benefit from this, please give this a vote.


I would love to have the generic data export to use the raw data set with Power BI as mentioned.
@luke, keep us updated if this happens



Just raising this again as a generic data export would be so helpful. As we now have a years worth of data in Breww I’d really appreciate being able to build our own reporting dashboard that doesn’t require ‘running’ a report each time and manipulation of the data. This would be so helpful. I’d love to have a dashboard linked to Breww where could see the relevant KPIs and trends. We use PowerBI so an ability to link to the raw data would be super helpful.

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