Brewsheet PDF not pulling through data


Whilst prepping for an audit, ive realised that the brewsheet PDF isnt pulling through any of the data from the brew day. I assume this is so you can print out a blank hard copy if needed but is there a way to pull a PDF of the completed record.

As well as this, i’m currently screen shotting all our CIP and cleaning records for the same audit, is there a way to export these as a PDF aswell?

Thanks very much.

Hi Freddie,

Thanks for the suggestions here.

Yes, our thinking was the ability to print out a blank brewsheet for filling out by hand, but I can see why it would be useful to generate a PDF of the electronically completed brewsheet.

Currently, there is no specific method for exporting CIP and cleaning records, but it would be a good feature.

I’ll add both these requests to the list, and get back to you here when we’ve made progress.