Brewery Beer Swaps

What do people usually do with brewery beer swaps?

Guest beers might work for you here?

It’s not an easy process if swapping many different beers (unless you just use a generic ‘Breweries beer’)

We set up the brewery as a supplier, create an inventory item for each beer were getting off them. Then create the corresponding product that we link the inventory item to, for when we sell it on.

Invoice wise, we agree on a price (usually £50+ vat) and just raise the invoice to them as usual. Then they raise an invoice their end and we both mark it off as paid.

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We don’t do a lot of swaps, and they generally go out to a small set of customers promptly on receipt - so we tend not to bother with an item for each beer. We use the first method Rob suggests, the generic Guest Beer “breweryname swap” inventory item.

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