Brewday Summary Sheet

It would be really cool to have a brewday summary sheet post-brew day. It would show key information about the beer/batch such as OG, Final Volume Transfered, Mash Temp During Brew, and Stages Durations (ie: 45 minutes to Mash In, 35 minutes of Vorlauf etc…)

We can then reference this summary sheet and use the information to tweak the next batch of the same beer. ie: changing Plato targets, temperatures or even trying to figure out where brewing efficiencies can be made.

Time Stamping activity duration would be an epic improvement also. I get you can specify a recipe stage duration, but measuring the actual duration of each stage should be a standard feature and something that constantly changes from batch to batch. ie: mash volume, water addition volume and temperature changes etc.

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Thanks, Evan, that’s a great suggestion - thank you! We’ll see what we can do :smile: