BB dates on outer case labels for smallpack

It would be helpful for an option in settings to select which products you would like BB dates to be printed on labels at the point of racking.
Currently we have BB dates printed on customer cask or keg stickers created at the point of sale and do not want BB dates printed on the product cask or keg sticker created at the point of racking. However, we do want to have a BB date printed on the outer case label of small pack at the point of racking.
The option in settings which allows for BB dates on labels at the point of racking applies to all product types (i.e. both small pack cases and cask/keg). It would be great if this option in settings could be broken down into product type so we have the option to choose which product types we want racking stickers for which include a BB date.

Welcome to the community Lauren and thanks for the suggestion!

I will make sure to update you if there are any developments on this and if anyone else would find this beneficial, please vote using the button above.

An example of where this would benefit us is on multipack small pack products.

E.g. 24 x 440ml can pack.

But not on casks or kegs (the BB date on the dispatch sticker works best here).

On the multi packs all the cans have a BB date printed on their bases (packaged date + 9 months, mostly). But customers (wholesalers) can’t see the dates on the cans so it’d be great to have it printed racking labels.

We’ve had a couple of cases of poor stock rotation that this feature would help with.