Batch notes? (best place?)

Where is the best place to add notes about a batch? I notice there is a section called Notes but this
seems to just keep one open note going?
It might be more useful and intuitive to be able to add a date/time stamped note. So you could add several notes.
Perhaps these would be viewable in the ‘Actions’ section, or a new Notes/History section?

Hi Mike,

At the moment, you’re right the best option is to add them in the notes box, but like you say this is just a single notes area which can be changed and is not user/time-stamped.

This was one of the first “notes” areas in Breww and to be honest, since then we’ve tended to build other notes areas (such as cleaning records, credit notes, etc) more like an “Add note” process which keeps the old notes, who added it and when, so you can look back and don’t accidentally delete an old notes.

We’ve been meaning to change batch notes to work in this way too. I’ll speak to the team and see if we can get this transitioned over soon as it should be a small non-breaking change.



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Thanks Luke. Yeah it’s just a place to add random notes I guess. Added xyz to FV2, did a trub dump, raised temp, had a leak in FV3 transfer etc etc.

Hi Mike,

This has gone live now! You can now add batch notes individually, which will be time-stamped at the time they were taken and the user who made it saved as well. We also added in the ability to associate them to recipe stages, so as you are going through your Brew sheet you are now able to take stage-specific notes and either view all notes or only a specific stage’s.

Hope that proves to be useful!


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Hi Max,
Thanks for this. Apologies for long delay coming back to you. I could not see the option on the brew sheet to add a note to a stage?

  1. Dashboard
  2. Production
  3. All batches
  4. Batch #68
  5. Brew sheet

Is that the correct place I should be able to add them?

One other thing which would be very handy, is the ability to chance the date/time on a note.
Sometimes you realise later or the next day that actually yesterday you did this or that but forgot to take a note of it. You then need to add a note but edit the time to previous day, this is just an example of how I have used this feature with Brewfather in the past.

Thanks again!

Hi Mike,

No worries at all! Yes that’s right, then when you are on the brew sheet you should be able to see at the bottom of each Stage a notes box with a button to add a new note, e.g.:

You can also add them from the Notes tab at the bottom of the Batch screen as well:

Oh yes that’s a straightforward feature to add! I had a moment between tasks so I’ve added that in for you, you can now choose the date and time you would like stored against the note.

Hope that helps!


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