Bar stock management

We have multiple bars who are set up as customers in our trade portal. We also have them set up as non bonded sites in Breww (but we haven’t done anything with them yet).

We’d like to be able to stock control in each of the bars to minimise duplication of effort/double typing. Currently we have to maintain an excel stock list which is updated at month end.

We’d like a way to Inventory Receipt the orders that come in (our own beer, guest beer, merch, spirits, softs). Would the only way to do this currently be to set up all of our products as inventory items as well and receipt them in to each ‘bar’ site? OK to do this for guests, merch, spirits, softs etc as these are also bought in but seems double work for our own beers.

Apologies for the delay in coming back to you Hazel.

For your guest beers, merch, spirits etc. I would recommend creating them as inventory items so that you can receive them with inventory receipts but for your own beers, I would advise transferring the stock to the site where you want to receive them. You can do this by going to the product page, scrolling down to the ‘locations’ tab and clicking the ‘edit location’ button.

You can also add the customer to the site so that when assigning stock to orders for that customer, it will use that site’s stock first. To do this, go to settings > sites and locations > manage locations > add customer.